Guided by the designs, expertise and understanding of staff with more than 40 years of architectural experience, The La Porte Group brings extraordinary talent, vision, and passion to each of its projects. Our architectural team, including all drafting and design affiliates, is committed to the preservation of our historic building stock, the renewal of our urban centers, and the creation of affordable housing. Our architects have been recognized widely for their achievements. The Utah Office of State History presented La Porte Properties its 2008 Award for the quality of restoration and new uses for the Stratford Hotel, located in downtown Salt Lake.

While preserving historic elements, our architectural team incorporates the best of new technologies in their designs. Innovations include incorporation of green energy into the building design. The Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund and the Utah Division of Housing and Community Development awarded La Porte Construction and Management for promoting Energy Star as well as for historic preservation in affordable housing (2006). The La Porte Group strives to improve our communities through creation of beautiful, affordable, and green housing.